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Super-sonic Pledge Management

Get back to making games faster.

After 10 years of running Kickstarter projects, we wanted a better way to do pledge management.
So we made one.

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Jet Bridge is a better way to do pledge management.

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Own Your Data

Send backers to your store for pledge management. Every backer is now unified as a customer in your Shopify store, giving you a comprehensive view of each of your customers' journeys. Don't have a store yet? You will by the time we're done!

Sell More Games

Upsell-focused checkout process gives your control over offering the right products to the right backers. Retailers, New Backers, Pledge Manager Access-only reward tiers... we support it all!

Keep Your Integrations

Your store's app integrations, shipping rates, inventory, marketing segments, and support flows remain the same.

Customize Your Pledge Manager

Brand messaging, email content, discounts, and product availability are all customizable to get the right message and products to the right backer every time.

Collect VAT For Free

Avoid paying that extra 5% during your campaign by easily collecting VAT in your pledge manager. We have up-to-date rates per region, and break out the total collected to make budgeting easier.

Plan Your Inventory

Easily see how much of each product goes where, and even help estimate remaining upsells based on historical trend.

If you're like us and want your Kickstarter backers to have the best pledge management experience through your brand, shoot us a message.
We'd love to hear from you!

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